A Road Trip adventure with our 1988 Land Rover Defender

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Cummins Repower Cruise

If you’ve been following along for some time now, you know we have the coolest adventure machine known to man and my DREAM CAR! A Land Rover 1988 Defender 110.imgTwo years ago, in February we saw one in St. Thomas, had no idea what it was but thought it was bad ass. We get home and research for fun. Found a couple only four hours from home. This is a very rare vehicle here in the US, because they must be 25 years old to import. We drive to check some out on our second wedding anniversary and end up coming home with one! We were so PUMPED! We had only a few fun drives before Ron decided to remodel it the way we want it, all himself! He spent 100’s of hours tearing it all the way down to the frame and rebuilding it (before and after post coming soon). imgThis past Spring Cummins launched this new Diesel R2.8 engine. It was exactly what Ron was hoping they would come out with (men stuff). Him being… well him… he wanted to be the FIRST to put this engine in a Defender. Mind you he’s never changed oil before… but he watched some You Tube videos on exactly how to do it supplied by the creators of this new create engine and sure enough, HE DID IT!


Not only was he the first person in the world (were 99% sure :P) to put it in a Defender, he was also one of the fastest, putting it in himself and getting it started just over two weeks! That is INSANE! There are people that take months to do this if not longer!

Which brings me to the coolest part! We got invited by Cummings to go on their Repower Cruise in some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer with other adventure machines that put in the new engine as well!

We couldn’t say no!

imgRon had some work in Colorado the week before so it was perfect timing. He drove ALL ALONE 16+ hours to Colorado, did week of shows, I flew in and we headed to join the Repower Cruise not knowing  what to expect or who we would meet.

We showed up on day three at Diesel Power Products for a tour and dinner. It was as if we’ve known everyone for ages, they were so laid back and kind. It was so fun to sit back and see Ron in his element. Everyone was unbelievably impressed that he pulled it off himself! And a few other funny things like using plumbing tubes for his turbo. I know that sounds gibberish to you as this is not a car feed, but it was really funny! This place is amazing. Check out the owner’s vehicle. img

We spent three days driving through Washington, along the Pacific North West down to Redwood National Park!

Each day consist of quick breakfast, on the road by 7-8am, drive, off-road, have fun walkie-talkie conversations, lunch stop, tour of some sort, then hangout at a local shop for dinner. It was a unique experience!

Take a look at some epic places we explored!


Lunch break at Lake Wenatchee State Park

Off-roading in Washington. It was the perfect mix of sun and rain.img



imgMy favorite car out of all was this Scout. I never heard of it before but the shell was so cool.img


imgDid I mention they were filming this entire week for a show?! Ian, from Big Tire Garage was the spokesman for the entire week. Him and his crew were awesome! Anyhow, as we were leaving he shot this epic rainbow behind us!imgEverywhere we turned was beautiful.imgDrove through Seattle crossing many bridges.img



Toured Coast Guard Air Station – lots of lives saved from this machine <3

Drove along the Oregon Coast.


imgPit stop to explore. The wind made for a cool photo.img

imgPhotographer for Diesel Magazine did an interview with Ron and took photos of our Defender. Which was then shared in several magazines all over the world!imgWhenever they had the opportunity, they would fix little things on their vehicles.
imgWe all did a couple mile hike in Red Wood Forest together.img

imgWe all started out as strangers and became friends quickly. We plan to do more similar trips like this down the road! Cheers to off-road diesel friends and the people at Cummings for putting this all together! We said our goodbyes after this night and headed to Telluride for another adventure of a life time!img

Be sure to check out some short clips from the trip, here.

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