A Night at Hidden Lake

This past weekend was the perfect kind of weekend to kick off summer a bit early! Nine friends and three boats went on a little camping adventure only 30 minutes from home! Since the water levels are abnormally high this time of year we were able to get our boats back in Hidden Lake. It’s a hidden channel in Canadian waters just East of Bablo Island and is also my FAVORITE spot! It’s quite sketchy getting there. All the people around us at Chrystal bay were yelling at us. They thought we were insane trying to get our boats through. They most likely are right but we winged it anyways. At some points the water was only 4ft deep and had to cut the engine a few times but once we got in the back it reached around 25ft deep!

I love this spot because its crystal clear, no current and secluded! Not many people risk there boats possibly sinking or getting stuck if tide changes.

We anchored and decided to go for a swim! Wet suits are totally necessary! This water is still ICE COLD!imgHorns and a mustache, just sayin!imgWe were swimming around and my girlfriend Robin went under and came back up without her Go Pro around her wrist! We were in 20+ feet of water, it was getting dark and hard to see. Since they scuba dive she was planning to come back and search for it soon! We looked around to remember a specific rock and tree to come back to. We were all super bummed for her but it didn’t stop us from all still having a blast!img

imgBefore sun set the guys took the boats to our spot for the night. Amy and I were not ready to get out yet so we paddled there. They tried really hard to make me fall, NO SUCCESS!imgWho said you need an ocean to snorkel? The Detroit River may not have tropical fish but I was just as amused swimming up to 100’s of bluegill!imgWe enjoyed the sunset and decided to turn in since we were shivering and hungry!imgWe had the most dialed camp spot for the night! There is a shipping channel behind those trees. We could sit and watch them pass. imgSpent the rest of the night hanging by the fire, eating S’mores and sharing many laughs!

The next morning we ate breakfast tacos! imgI think my favorite thing about camping is waking up sipping coffee by the fire, listening to the birds chirping and not thinking about a thing!imgSince it was such a nice morning we attempted to find Robins Go Pro. imgWe found our markers (a dead birch tree and a rock). About 30 minutes into snorkeling I saw a faint stick like object. It was tough for my eyes to focus but after a while it started to pop out to me! There it was 25ft under water, the Go Pro! Thanks to Gordon, he is a great diver! Dove down and got it first try! WE COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT WE FOUND IT! It totally made her day!

As much as we wanted to stay it was time to head back. Gordon ended up hitting and taking on a lot of water. Our guys jumped out to help pull him to deeper water. After a while he broke free! Thankfully his $300 sail boat didn’t sink right where we needed to get out! imgThis weekend reminded me how much I LOVE summer! Cheers to many more weekends just like this!


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