Ngorongoro crater

A day at the most famous Tanzanian National Park; Ngorongoro Crater!

DAY 3 of 3 Safari Excursion

Ngorongoro Crater

We woke up at 6:30am! Its best to leave as early as possible so we can see the variety of animals that are only active during morning hours! People were even leaving hours earlier than us!

Ngorongoro is one of the most famous and interesting of Tanzania's national parks because they have the greatest number of different animal species per square kilometer! It was also my favorite park out of the three we visited!

It took us about an hour from Karatu Simba Lodge to get to the entrance gate. imgThere were tons of local students. I was surprised they got their busses to this point. The roads are SO bumpy! They call it the African massage! Our guide said they switch out cars ahead. PHEW, I got worried for em, hah! imgFrom this point, it was another bumpy hour ride to the crater floor. It was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on! We were driving on the rim of the crater straight inside a lush jungle with drop offs all around us! It was very foggy for the most part but you could still see everything. The closer we got to the floor the less green we saw. One section was filled with these beautiful trees!img

imgIt was an incredible experience to spend a day in the life amongst the wildlife! Here is just a taste of what we saw! Scroll to the bottom for the full guide and wild facts!

The lighting was amazing! The bright dry grass and dark morning clouds created this beautiful view! img


imgGazelles are the fifth fastest animal in all of Africa! They can reach up to 40MPH!imgOstrich are the fastest two legged animal in the world reaching 45MPH. Arn’t they adorable!?img


imgWe watched a herd of wildebeests walk TOWARDS a lion! They walk very slow in a straight line. The front one will walk a few steps, stop, then they follow. I was so confused why they would not run away from the lions, but our guide explained why. The lions won’t mess with them since they are fast and strong together. They got so close, fumbled and the lion ran off!imgOne on the wilderbeast broke off from the herd. I for sure thought we were going to see some action. A male and female lion popped up in the grass!imgInstead of witnessing an attack, the male jumped the female lion and started to mate! Not the action I thought we were going to see but ill take it! Couldn’t help but laugh and sing, “can you feel the love tonight” by Simba and Nala from the Lion King!imgMy favorite bird of all! imgThese guys are good looking too. img

imgI didn’t realize how much hyenas look like dogs! Ninety-five percent of what a hyena eats comes from hunting. A group of hyenas can devour an entire zebra, leaving no leftovers—not even the bones—in under half an hour!imgWe saw a few male and female lions laying on a hill.img

imgThis guy is pure muscle!
imgWarthogs kneel down, dig with one huff, tusk and snout looking for buried bulbs. They don’t look lazy at all huh, hah! imgWe went to the hippo pool.  I see where they get the name from. imgWe had lunch lake side!imgThere was a hippo that kept popping up super close to us!imgA woman from MI (30 minutes from where I am from) got killed from a hippo while we were in Africa. CRAZY RIGHT?! What are the odds. Hippos are among the worlds most dangerous mammals, and kill an estimated 500 people every year! I never turned my back on the hippo, so be safe and aware of your surroundings at all times!

There were tons of other companies on lunch break.imgWe ate our lunch box in the jeep because giant birds swoop down and steal your food! We saw it happen to at least three people. It was funny but our guide said one of his clients put chicken on his head hoping it would swoop down. He eded up needing lots of stitches! These birds are MASSIVE. So if your starving beware, they will get ya!

This lion was HUGE!img

imgWe got so close to these guys! Three of them are males can you guess which ones?!imgWe only saw one elephant. If your an elephant lover I highly recommend you go to Tarangire NPimgWe witnessed a rare moment! Not even guides have seen one of these in over a month because of the dry season! It was the last of the BIG FIVE we had to see! Can you guess which one?!imgThe RHINO! You see that tiny spec in the middle of the photo? Thats the rhino! No way would we have spotted him if we were on our own!

There were about fifty safari trucks huddled along the roads squeezing everyone in to get a good look!  They all work as a team using there radio by telling everyone locations of the good stuff!

They had a paved road exiting the park! Very surprising but very nice!imgThis famous panoramic view from above was a good cap to an incredible three day safari excursion!img

Love my safari inspired Tevas! img
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Ngorongoro National Park

SAFARI COMAPNY: Altezza Climbing & Safari

LOCATION: Tanzania Africa, West of Arusha. Click here for location.


  • Ngorongoro’s crown is a deep, volcanic crater, the largest un flooded and unbroken caldera in the world. About 20kms across, 600 meters deep and 300 sq kms in area.
  • The area contains over 25,000 large animals including 26 black rhinoceros.
  • There are 7,000 wildebeests, 4,000 zebras, 3,000 eland and 3,000 Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles.
  • The crater also has the densest known population of lions, numbering 62.
  • The legendary annual wildebeest and zebra migration also passes through Ngorongoro, when the 1.7 million ungulates move south into the area in December then move out heading north in June. The migrants passing through the plains of the reserve include 1.7 million wildebeest, 260,000 zebra, and 470,000 gazelles.
  • “Ngorongoro Crater now ranks #2 out of 10 top National Parks to visit while in Tanzania. Be sure to check out the complete list HERE for more highlights, lowlights and facts about the top 10 national parks in Tanzania and how it’s equally as possible that you will have a much better time in one of the lesser-known parks! “

WHAT TO EXPECT: Wake up early morning to see the most activity. People were leaving as early as 4am. Wear warm jacket for chilly mornings.

BEST TIME TO GO: June – September, the dry season, for general wildlife viewing. Busy visitor season (July to March) low visitor season (April and May). Best weather (June-October). Rainfall is little to none. We went during August and weather was great!

WHAT TO WEAR: Morning can be chilly wear warm jacket, light layers, hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. I wore a light jacket, dress, Teva sandals and was fine. Though, covering body is recommend for bugs or dust.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Spending 4-6+ hours in the park (up to you), we spent about 6-8 hours here. You can get dusty from driving with the windows down. Altezza supplies lunch box. Witness some of the most beautiful wild life you will ever see!

NOTE: Altezza gave us a discount but as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own! Teva supplied us shoes for comfort and style! Though I love and have supported their brand over eight years and nearly wear them everyday! I only promote brands I love!










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