A Day at Miami Beach

I didn’t have any set plans on what we were going to do for my moms 50th birthday extravaganza week. I’m the kind of gal that plans along the way. However, I did know one thing for sure, we were going to the beach! My mom has never seen the ocean before let alone swim in it! Ron had some work to take care of so he dropped us off at Miami Beach. The weather was perfect! We walked along the board walk for a bit and then headed straight for the beach.


We walked down the beach and found the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the day. I actually caught my moms first encounter with the ocean! I love these tiny moments. One of many reasons why I love photography.

We sat down on the edge of the beach allowing the waves to crash into us as we searched for the perfect tiny rocks chit chatting away. I think I get my rock collection addiction from my mama and I love it!



It was time to go in!

The waves were pushing and pulling us! I couldn’t stop laughing! 


After our swim we laid out for a bit and then made some friends!
For lunch, we stopped at one of the many beautiful hotels along the board walk. We laid out pool side and had amazing fish tacos. I can’t recall where we went though.

Ron was finished up with work so we got on the road and started heading towards Key West! There was still plenty of daylight left so we decided to stop in the Everglades for a fan boat ride! Click here to see how close we got to the Gators!

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