A Day at Lambert Dome & Tenaya Lake

Day 3

Today is the day! Im nervous, but yet excited. So many things running through my mind, do I even want this? I am so sore from yesterday, I don’t know if I can fathom making it. The only way to find out is look. Ron and I both pulled out our laptops, checked our emails at the same time, scrolled and I came across a lottery notification email. I clicked on it and said, ” CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE LOTTERY”!

I started jumping up and down on the bed! We are officially attempting to hike the hardest trail of all Yosemite, Half Dome! This means, no major hiking today!  We were a bit sore from hiking up Four Mile Trail yesterday. I always want to see so much in a short amount of time but agreed to take it easy. Even though we didn’t do a whole lot of hiking we got to explore some beautiful parts of Yosemite.

Since our hotel scheduling got messed up we had no place to sleep for the night. Every hotel was booked, unless we wanted to pay $250+ a night. We thought about sleeping in the car in Yosemite Valley since its a two hour drive to the Half Dome trail head from where we were but your not aloud. Thanks to Rons conversation with our friend Dan, he mentioned we were close to one of our other friends, Bruce. Sure enough we were 15 minutes away from June Lake where he lived! We called him up and he gladly took us in and saved us $600+ for the rest of our time here!

Now that we had that figured out, we drove into the park. We stopped at some pull offs and enjoyed the views.

We came across a parking lot for Lambert Dome. We decided to park and walk around for a bit. We crossed the street and played in the ice cold stream.

I loved the rust colors of the rocks.

We went back across the street and saw people climbing near the top of Lambert Dome. It looked like they were on a flat face from where we stood.

We decided to walk straight up it too since the start looked so smooth.

Barefoot made it so much easier to climb.

Made it more then half way to the top and decided to stop and relax. The views from here were amazing!

Into the wild.

As much as we loved soaking up the sun here, we headed to Tenaya Lake.

The water was freezing! Ron dared me to swim so of coarse I did!

The water was so clear. A few feet of water quickly turned into a deep dark drop off! You could see algae covered trees far below. I lasted about 10 minutes in the water. We laid out for a bit and then checked out the other side of the lake.

We brought a Snickers bar for a snack and it melted. Ron saved the day though! He threw it in the water for five minutes then boom, perfect.

The scenery was so beautiful. This place was filled with tall pines, large boulders, bright blue water, fresh air and birds chirping. This was the perfect day to explore the park and still relax. We headed back to June Lake, ate dinner with our friend Bruce and passed out early for our big day tomorrow, hiking Half Dome!

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