5 Must-Do Adventures in & around Yosemite National Park

This trip marks our 30th National Park explored together! Ron and I are celebrating my Birthday week! Yes, I get a whole week to celebrate and explore Yosemite NP and Mono Lake!  Thanks to my PNC points, I’ve saved up the past two years (not the best point system but can’t complain) and managed to get our flights and car for FREE! That was possible because we chose the cheapest route, Vegas. We landed around 1pm and was only a 6-hour drive. Had a quick stop at REI for some freeze-dried food for the week (something I wanted to try out rather than shopping for lots of ingredients.)

With traveling, things don’t always go as planned or maybe that’s just us! We could not find our hotel itinerary that we booked a week prior. Mind you it’s August,  one of the busiest times of year at one of the most traveled National Parks in the US so finding a place was almost impossible without paying 200+ a night. Thankfully, we got one night at the hotel we were planning to stay at, Mammoth Creek Inn for $160. We arrived around 10pm tried and ready for bed! But first, we had to clear everything out of the car with a sent including chap stick! Yupp, you heard that right we are officially in bear country!

Here is a list and full itinerary of our top 5 must-do adventures while in Yosemite National Park! Click on each one to see the full experience! Our trip consists of winning the lottery, bee stings, achieving the scariest hike ever to date, and so much more!

1. Hike up 4-Mile Trail  to Glacier Point, CLICK HEREimg

2-3. Spend the day at Lambert Dome & Tenaya Lake, CLICK HEREimg

4. Hike to the Top Of Half Dome! CLICK HEREimg

5. Explore Mono Lake, CLICK HEREimg

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