Top 10 Things You Must Do While in Maui + Full Itinerary

Ron and I decided to get away for a week to celebrate our Real Estate business doing well, his 32nd Birthday and an early one-year wedding anniversary. How ever we wanted to label it, we wanted to get away for a while! Neither of us have ever been to Maui and we have heard nothing but great things! I’ve heard it was a mix of all the islands into one. Now that I have been there I have to say that I agree. Its not as built up as Oahu, desolate as The Big Island, or quiet/small as Kauai. It really is a perfect mix! Now to ask me which of the islands I love most, that is tuff and I cant say!

As for Maui, if you’re a lover of the outdoors, check out the top 10 things we did while in Maui over the coarse of 7 days! Each title will take you to the full break down of exactly what we did, where we went and how we did it with TONS of breathtaking photos!

1. Explore Nakalele Blowhole & Heart Shaped Rock

2. Hike to the Top of Wihee Ridge Trail

3. Hike Lahaina Pali Trail East & West

4. Hike Iso Valley Secret Trail

5. Drive the Road to Hana and Visit the Best Stops! 

6. Swim in the Olivine Pools

7. Hike the Pipiwai Trail aka Bamboo Forest

8. Hangout at the Hidden Red Sand Beach

9.  Take a hike 10,000 ft above sea level at Haleakala National Park

10. Swim with Sea Turtles at Black Rock Beach




What is your favorite Hawaiian Island?! I would love to hear from you for possible new places to explore! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe! 

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