The Ultimate Road Trip From Miami to Key West

My mom was turning the big “5 0” and I wanted to do something amazing for her. She is the most caring person you’ll ever meet and will do anything for you.  So, I wanted to treat her to a lot of FIRSTS and get her out of her comfort zone with a mother daughter road trip from Miami to Key West.

I surprised her on Christmas with a big ol’ box and deep inside was a fake paper ticket to Key West Florida. She cried of excitement! I will admit I wasn’t sure if she would be into it or not and she totally was so I was ecstatic! My mom loves some heads up so I gave her two months to prepare, since her birthday wasn’t till February.

There was a catch though. She had to fly to Miami ALONE since we will already be down there. She has never flown before!

Her birthday week consist of many firsts such as flying, seeing palm trees for the first time, seeing/swimming in the ocean, swimming with dolphins, taking a fan boat ride in the Everglades, eating incredible seafood, standing on the most southern point of the US and so much more!

Check out below to see exactly what we got ourselves into. Each post has the full itinerary of exactly what we did, where we ate and what we saw. It’s loaded with tons of beautiful photos!

A Day at Miami Beach

Enjoyed the day with my mom hanging out at the beach for her first time ever.

Take a fan boat ride in the everglades

The Everglades are only an hour from Miami and on the way to Key West so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to stop. We saw over eight alligators within touching distance!

Spend the day in Key Largo

We got up close and personal in the water with dolphins and explored a wild bird sanctuary!

Spend three days exploring all of Key west

We had the time of our lives shopping, eating, and exploring all of Key West!

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