The Baths & Virgin Gorda in a Day

Day 3

Our first full day on, “The Sailing Swan” was a treat! It was a long day but we got to see and do so much! We woke up in the bay of Peter Island and snorkeled with a sea turtle while our incredible breakfast was being made by our lovely chef, Annika.

I love his tie-dye shell! Our captain Adam said, the turtles love this area because of all the sea grass, so your odds of seeing at least one is highly likely!We enjoyed our delicious variety of a breakfast then sailed about 45 minutes to, The Baths on Virgin Gorda.


We had the best seat in the house! I have always dreamed of laying on these nets. It reminds me of the movie Waterworld. A fantasy world I would love to live in!Once we arrived, Adam dropped us off half way in the dinghy then jumped in for a short swim to shore.The Baths are one of a kind! I have never seen anything like it before, let alone in the BVI. They definitely stand out. The piles of massive granite boulders felt as if they were petrified old bones, in my opinion. The beginning of the trail requires you to get low… low… low… 
We explored the baths barefoot and was totally fine. Though, I wished I wore my Tevas so I could climb up on the boulders much easier. There were some places with stairs, so it is assessable to nearly everyone!The piles of boulders formed awesome little tunnels and mazes to explore!

When you say don’t jump… they jump, lol. There are a lot of shallow spots but this tiny spot was good! If you do jump, make sure you can swim well, the current is quite strong!

I could spend days here but we had to move on to the next spot! We saw quite a bit given we only had one hour to explore!

We sailed another 30-40 minutes to the other side of Virgin Gorda for the night.
We docked at The Bitter End. Since we had plenty of day light left Ron, Erica and I went for a hike around the island on, Guys Trail. To get there  we turned left off the dock, passed all the restaurants and continued along the path.Came across this strange fruit. Thanks to my Instagram buddies they told me its a none-fruit and has many health benefits!Once you make it to the end where it forks, hike up the hill. You will see the trail head at the top. It’s a two mile round trip hike and a 455ft climb.The first view point was my favorite! You can see Saba Rock Island below. Little did I know I was going to do something I never imagined doing before on that very island shortly after this hike! If anyone knows Ron, he don’t sweat at all… look at that shirt!
Most of the trail was dense like this which was great since we’ve been in the sun all day.Another beautiful view point. The end of the trail was a long walk along these beautiful flowers.We made it back just in time for the 5pm Tarpon feeding and Happy Hour on Saba Rock. I had no idea what “Tarpon feeding” really meant, nor have I heard of the first before. We took the dinghy over and sat front and center. 

These beasts grow to about 4-8ft long and can weigh 60-280lbs! These ones ranged around 40-80lbs. Apparently they love scrap mahi-mahi!I had my GoPro ready to film and the man chose me to… FIST A TARPON!!! He handed me a piece of Mahi, laid on my belly at the edge of the deck and dangled it over the water! Not even a second later, BOOM, one jumps out of the water straight into my fist! My natural reaction was to pull my arm back, scream and laugh uncontrollably! It felt like he fisted my whole arm! It was so slimy!

He said they don’t have any teeth but apparently they still have strong mouths! It didn’t really hurt but it did draw some blood! It was still totally worth it!Afterwards we enjoyed some drinks, watched the sunset and devoured Annika’s tasty dinner she made for us on our boat. We also took advantage of our ONE AND ONLY long hot shower that The Bitter End offered. We can take them on the boat but there very short.

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Peter Island: Snorkel with sea turtles and breakfast
Sail 45 minutes
Virgin Gorda: Explore The Baths for one hour
Sail 30-45 Minutes
Other Side of Virgin Gorda: Docked at The Bitter End for the night, Hike 2 miles on Guys Trail, hangout on Saba Rock for Tarpon feeding and Happy Hour, dinner by chef Annika, last long hot shower on the trip.
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