The Ultimate 3 day safari to 3 famous national parks

After spending 7 days climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ron and I got to relax on a three-day safari exploring three different National Parks plus a pit stop to a Masai Village! This was a childhood dream come true! As I am sure, many of you can agree, The Lion King is the greatest movie of all time! Am I right?! Such … Read More

A day at the most famous Tanzanian National Park; Ngorongoro Crater!

DAY 3 of 3 Safari Excursion Ngorongoro Crater We woke up at 6:30am! Its best to leave as early as possible so we can see the variety of animals that are only active during morning hours! People were even leaving hours earlier than us! Ngorongoro is one of the most famous and interesting of Tanzania’s national parks because they have … Read More

A Day at Lake Manyara National Park + Everything You Must Know

Day 2 of 3 Safari Excursion Lake Manyara Per usual, we had a 6am wake up call to go eat breakfast! Early mornings are typical when on a safari. We were considered late starters! But I was still getting sick! People leave earlier in the morning to see variety of animals that are only active during the morning hours. Check … Read More

The Best of Tarangire National Park In a Day + Full Guide

Day 1 of 3 Safari Excursion TARangire National Park Our first night we stayed at Lake Burunge Tented Camp. This place was BEAUTIFUL! We arrived just in time for dinner. It was buffet style on a candle lit balcony sitting amongst the stars. I wasn’t feeling well so Ron enjoyed it alone :(. We were getting ready for bed and … Read More

Our Wedding Day #ronandsamsayido

I’ve heard many times over that your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life and now that I am married, I am here to tell you that it is so incredibly true! May 30th, 2015 was by far the greatest day of my life thus far (sounds cliché but it’s true). Not only did I get … Read More

Exploring 5 Million Tulips in Holland Michigan

Could you imagine frolicking amongst FIVE MILLION tulips? Neither could I, until I did! After leaving Windmill Gardens we made our way to Veldheers Tulip farm. We paid a small fee of $10 to enter, which was so worth it.  Once we arrived my friends and I couldn’t help but run around, oohing and ahhing over every little tulip! I … Read More

Windmill Island Gardens During Tulip Festival

My girlfriends and I took a day trip to the tulip festival in Holland Michigan. Our first stop was to visit Windmill Island Gardens to see the ONLY 251-year-old Dutch working windmill in the US. The windmill was shipped all the way from the Netherlands! The City of Holland bought it in 1964, reconstructed it, opened the park in 1965 … Read More

2017 Super Bloom in Joshua Tree National Park

Did you know Southern California is experiencing what’s called a, “Super Bloom”?! Something they haven’t seen in over a decade if ever. A park ranger stated, “this year’s conditions were perfect for such a phenomenon: long steady rain throughout the winter and the heat never got too hot. “ There are flowers in places where you usually don’t see them. … Read More

The Ultimate Road Trip From Miami to Key West

My mom was turning the big “5 0” and I wanted to do something amazing for her. She is the most caring person you’ll ever meet and will do anything for you.  So, I wanted to treat her to a lot of FIRSTS and get her out of her comfort zone with a mother daughter road trip from Miami to … Read More

Top Places to Eat, Stay and See in Key West!

We drove the rest of the way to Key West from Key Largo. I forgot how awesome seven mile bridge was. Once we hit mile marker 47 it was nothing but you, two bridges and water on both sides for seven straight miles. It’s known to be one of the most iconic drives in the US stated by National Geographic. … Read More