Day 2 of 7: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; Its my Birthday!!

Day 2 This day was a VERY special day! I woke up one year older! On 8/11/2017 I turned 29! Which means I have 365 days left in my twenties! I have big plans but more on that later!   Mangu, our waiter woke us up 7am on the dot! I washed up inside our tent and shaved my legs … Read More

Day 1: Drop off and Hike to Shira 2 Camp

A quick recap from the night before. Ron and I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport at 8pm. It took two hours to go through customs, so be prepared to wait! They take your photo, fingerprints from both hands, and use a whole page in your passport for a visa. It seemed extensive but made us feel even safer about exploring Tanzania. … Read More

Exploring the Most Magical Place Minutes from Miami; The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Could you imagine what your summer home would look like if you employed 10% of Miami’s population to build it?! It would be incredible right! James Derring, a retired Vice President of International Harvester did just that on a whopping 130 acres from 1914 to 1922. He named it, Vizcaya. Today it stands as an internationally renowned accredited museum and … Read More

45 Most Epic Wynwood District Photos + All the Details

If you have an Instagram you most likely have seen this colorful wall before, am I right?!My recent girls trip to Miami consists of planning places to take lots of photos!  When I found out this Instagram famous wall was near, we had to go! It’s not often that I get to go somewhere with just girls that love to dress up, … Read More

Exploring 5 Million Tulips in Holland Michigan

Could you imagine frolicking amongst FIVE MILLION tulips? Neither could I, until I did! After leaving Windmill Gardens we made our way to Veldheers Tulip farm. We paid a small fee of $10 to enter, which was so worth it.  Once we arrived my friends and I couldn’t help but run around, oohing and ahhing over every little tulip! I … Read More

Windmill Island Gardens During Tulip Festival

My girlfriends and I took a day trip to the tulip festival in Holland Michigan. Our first stop was to visit Windmill Island Gardens to see the ONLY 251-year-old Dutch working windmill in the US. The windmill was shipped all the way from the Netherlands! The City of Holland bought it in 1964, reconstructed it, opened the park in 1965 … Read More

2017 Super Bloom in Joshua Tree National Park

Did you know Southern California is experiencing what’s called a, “Super Bloom”?! Something they haven’t seen in over a decade if ever. A park ranger stated, “this year’s conditions were perfect for such a phenomenon: long steady rain throughout the winter and the heat never got too hot. “ There are flowers in places where you usually don’t see them. … Read More

Hiking Sandy Cay, The Uninhibited Island

DAY 6 We woke up and had a lovely breakfast in the bay of, Little Jost Van Dyke then made our way to another uninhibited island named, Sandy Cay. The island is a whopping 13.5 acres. Thanks to the IRF, they maintain a short hiking trail around the whole island. It consists of incredibly soft white sand, some rocky terrain, lush green forest … Read More

Sandy Spit & The Hidden Little Jost Van Dyke In a Day

DAY 5 We all slept in late thanks to the epic night before on Anegada. We had a later breakfast which made for a perfect slow moving morning. We anchored at Sandy Cay, waited for the 15-minute storm to pass by, jumped in and snorkeled to the tiny island.The snorkeling is decent especially on the other side of this island. … Read More

The Baths & Virgin Gorda in a Day

Day 3 Our first full day on, “The Sailing Swan” was a treat! It was a long day but we got to see and do so much! We woke up in the bay of Peter Island and snorkeled with a sea turtle while our incredible breakfast was being made by our lovely chef, Annika. I love his tie-dye shell! Our … Read More