2017 Super Bloom in Joshua Tree National Park

Did you know Southern California is experiencing what’s called a, “Super Bloom”?! Something they haven’t seen in over a decade if ever. A park ranger stated, “this year’s conditions were perfect for such a phenomenon: long steady rain throughout the winter and the heat never got too hot. “ There are flowers in places where you usually don’t see them.

Lucky me, I randomly decided to book a spontaneous ticket to visit my friend in San Diego, April 10th through the 13t.h  and had no idea this “super bloom” was going on! We decided to go hiking in Joshua Tree National park since its only two and a half hours away.

We got in late our first night. All the campgrounds were full so we stayed 20 minutes outside the park at Joshua Tree Lake Campgrounds. After we set up our tent we explored the grounds. I saw my first EVER blooming cactus and watched the moon rise over the mountain, so beautiful!Once we entered the park the next morning we were instantly greeted with plumes of bright yellow flowers throughout the desert!

"Some of these seeds have been underground for maybe decades, if not a century or more, we just don't know," the ranger says. "Some of these places have not seen water in 10, 15, 20 years, and now they're a blanket of flowers."

As for Joshua Tree NP, their water precipitation as of May 1st 2017 is 211.4% of the normal water year-to-date! That explains the beautiful desert blooms everywhere in the park.

We spent morning to sunset doing several little hikes throughout the park.

Which flowers below are your favorite? I have a few favorites, though they are all so bold and unique in their own way!

This flower on the Teddy Bear Cholla is my favorite! I just love the light green with hints of yellow!

We found color even in the smallest areas!

Some plants gave off beautiful pastel colors.

This dried out flower on the Joshua Tree felt like tissue paper.Everywhere we turned we were surrounded by plumes of yellow.These pink flowers with grey cactus hues is my second favorite! They pop so much!
Finding balance in the blooming desert.

Where there is death there is life. 

This Mustang got the yellow memo.

I never thought there could be so much color in a desert! It was such an awesome experience to see a part of the “Super Bloom.”

Though, this may be a rare occasion be sure to put in your calendars for next year around this time or visit NOW! Click here to stay up to date on what is currently in bloom for Joshua Tree NP.

Did you get to witness Southern California’s Super Bloom? If so, where? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, Share and Subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures!





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