I started a new thing! Comitted 52 days of yoga! I explain my WHY Mar 20 '18 - If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories for a while now you will know I have committed myself to rolling out of bed, go down stairs and do 30-50 minutes of yoga with “Yoga With Kasandra” on YouTube for the past 52 DAYS missing only 12 days! Those 12 days usually were travel, deciding to do another type ... Read More
Make your own coffee from scratch + Waterfall hike! Dec 19 '17 - Ever wanted to know how coffee was made? We did! Not only did we see how it’s made, we got to make some ourselves, from the very first step to sipping our own custom brew! Ron is a coffee fanatic! We were both excited for this authentic tour. It was our last day before going home and had some spare ... Read More
4 day Fall Foliage pet friendly Roadtrip to the UP Oct 26 '17 - It’s one of the most beautiful times of year in Michigan right now and its not too late for you to see it for yourself! Fall foliage is nearly at it’s peak so we decided to take a four day road trip in our new Defender to the Upper Peninsula and explore with our dog Watson! If you’ve been following along since ... Read More
The Ultimate 3 day safari to 3 famous national parks Oct 22 '17 - After spending 7 days climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ron and I got to relax on a three-day safari exploring three different National Parks plus a pit stop to a Masai Village! This was a childhood dream come true! As I am sure, many of you can agree, The Lion King is the greatest movie of all time! Am I right?! Such ... Read More
A day at the most famous Tanzanian National Park; Ngorongoro Crater! Oct 21 '17 - DAY 3 of 3 Safari Excursion Ngorongoro Crater We woke up at 6:30am! Its best to leave as early as possible so we can see the variety of animals that are only active during morning hours! People were even leaving hours earlier than us! Ngorongoro is one of the most famous and interesting of Tanzania's national parks because they have ... Read More
A Day at Lake Manyara National Park + Everything You Must Know Oct 21 '17 - Day 2 of 3 Safari Excursion Lake Manyara Per usual, we had a 6am wake up call to go eat breakfast! Early mornings are typical when on a safari. We were considered late starters! But I was still getting sick! People leave earlier in the morning to see variety of animals that are only active during the morning hours. Check ... Read More
The Best of Tarangire National Park In a Day + Full Guide Oct 19 '17 - Day 1 of 3 Safari Excursion TARangire National Park Our first night we stayed at Lake Burunge Tented Camp. This place was BEAUTIFUL! We arrived just in time for dinner. It was buffet style on a candle lit balcony sitting amongst the stars. I wasn’t feeling well so Ron enjoyed it alone :(. We were getting ready for bed and ... Read More
Top 14 Reasons Why I wanted to Climb Kilimanjaro & Why I Think You Should Too! Oct 16 '17 - Top 14 Reasons why I wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro so bad and why I think you should too! People asked me why I wanted to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro so bad. My first gut answer was because it’s in Africa and in The Lion King, duh, lol! I’ve never done a high altitude hike before. I felt its the biggest ... Read More
Full Guide to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Seven days Oct 16 '17 - Ron and I can now tell you what it’s like to hike from the equator to the NORTH POLE in seven days! Because that is what this climb is compared to! We traveled through FIVE different climate zones. One of many reasons why this climb is so unique over other high summits. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been my greatest achievement ... Read More
Day 7 of 7: Final day on Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking through a tropical forest! Oct 4 '17 - DAY 7 Decent from millennium camp (3,820m) – to Mweka Gate (1,650m) Ron and I had woke up feeling like a new person! Summiting to the top of Kilimanjaro and not sleeping 28 hours the day before caught up with us. We woke up so refreshed. Surprisingly, not as sore as we would have thought! Don’t get me wrong my ... Read More
Day 6 of 7: Summit Night and a 28 Hour Day! Oct 1 '17 - Day 6 Laying comfortably staring at the tent walls. We hear shuffling outside. Eyes red, we haven’t slept.  Mangu taps on our tent and says its time, prepare yourselves! What he meant was, get our asses up at 11:30pm and prepare to freeze our bums off in windy 15 degree weather to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Actually, ... Read More
Day 5 of 7: Day After Sickness & Last Day Before Summit night! Sep 28 '17 - DAY 5 Trekking from Karanga Camp (3,960m) to Barafu Camp (4,035m)  After 16+hours of sleep and sickness the day before, we woke up re-energized and ready to continue our adventure! The day couldn’t start off any better. We washed up with warm water and got up just in time to watch the sun-rise over the peak. Well Ron did, I ... Read More
DAY 3-4 of 7: Kiss & Hug Wall and a not so good day! Sep 27 '17 - DAY 3 Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp Woke up at 7am to the smell of a delicious breakfast 3,960m up. This seriously is like luxury camping guys. We had a veggie omelet, fresh mango, grilled peanut better banana sandwich, porridge (oatmeal), and tea! That is the top of Kilimanjaro in the background.This was my favorite hiking day! Leaving Barranco Camp, ... Read More
Maasai Village Tour, an Unforgettable Experience Sep 26 '17 - DAY 8 of trip 2nd day of Safari Ever wonder what it’s like living the day and life of Maasai people?! I did! I’ve seen their vibrant colors and extreme fine detail of jewelry on social media but I wanted to immerse myself into their culture and see how they live day to day, so we did just that! Day ... Read More
Day 2 of 7: Climbing Through Mutated Weeds on My Birthday!! Sep 21 '17 - Day 2 This day was a VERY special day! I woke up one year older! On 8/11/2017 I turned 29! Which means I have 365 days left in my twenties! I have big plans but more on that later! Mangu, our waiter woke us up 7am on the dot! I washed up inside our tent and shaved my legs (YES ... Read More
Day 1 of 7: Drop off and Hike to Shira 2 Camp above the clouds Sep 11 '17 - Arrival process A quick recap from the night before. Ron and I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport at 8pm. It took two hours to go through customs, so be prepared to wait! They take your photo, fingerprints from both hands, and use a whole page in your passport for a visa. It seemed extensive but made us feel even safer about ... Read More
Top 11 Things you Must do While in The BVI + Full Itinerary Jul 31 '17 - One catamaran, one captain, one chef and Six friends sailing to several Islands over the course of a week! Sounds like a dream, right?! Well it WAS! I had no idea what to expect living on a boat for a whole week. This was a first for Ron and I and we loved it! I knew we were going to ... Read More
The Famous Soggy Dollar Jul 29 '17 - DAY 6 After hiking the uninhibited  hermit crab infested trail on Sandy Cay Island, we made our way to Jost Van Dyke to hangout at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar.  This is where the famous Pain Killer drink originated from the 70’s. It is now a staple drink in all the Caribbean! I have to say out of all the beaches ... Read More
Day 8: Cooper Island in the BVI Jul 29 '17 - Day 8 Waking up covered in Pringles from one of the biggest party nights of my life on WIlly T’s floating ship means I had a good night, right?! I will admit, my tiny self was still drunk. We got up early to snorkel one more area before we headed to Cooper Island! I could barley function but I thought ... Read More
Snorkle 3 Norman Island Caves+Party HARD on Willy T’s Pirate Ship Jul 29 '17 - Day 7 Woke up in the cove of Yost Van Dyke where the famous Foxys bar is, we had a light breakfast and headed to the three Norman Island Caves for some snorkeling! We went early since its known to get very crowded. Our captain knows what’s up because it was just us and a couple other people! We were ... Read More


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